If you received an email stating your account is suspended, you know your credit card on file is about to expire or you just need to change/update your credit card/billing info?  Please use the following instructions to update your billing information IMMEDIATELY, to avoid suspension of your services and/or interruption of commissions (For Financial Directors).

How to Update Your Biz Center and/or FinancialEDGE Membership Billing Info?

  1. Visit mwrfinancial.com
  2. Click on the Login link (located in the top right hand corner of the site)
  3. Click on the "Profile" link located in the menu.
  4. Then... Click on the "Billing" Link located in the Profile menu.
  5. Enter the correct Credit Card Information for ALL fields that need to be updated.
  6. If you want this same card to be used for your FinancialEDGE membership, be sure to...
    Click the Checkbox next to: Also update Financial Edge membership billing info
  7. Then Click on the "Update Billing Info" button and you should be all set!
  8. If you are updating your billing info to Reactivate Your Biz Center and/or Membership? You will also need to Click on the "Bill Now ($40 Biz Center) button and the link below it that says: "Click here to manage your Financial Edge membership billing, so you can update and pay your FinancialEDGE Membership payment also.

Important Note:  If you just need to update your FinancialEDGE Membership Billing Info and it is different than the Billing info used for your Biz Center, please see this Article: How To Update FinancialEDGE Membership Billing/Payment Info?