MWR Financial's Revolutionary Daily Guarantee is a Top-Up Income and an industry game-changer. When qualified, you can now know the minimum amount you'll earn each month, without having to guess. Allowing you to budget your income effectively.

To Qualify: You must be an Active Qualified Financial Director (QFD) and have a total of 3 Personally Enrolled Active Qualified Financial Directors (QFDs) and 1 Active Outside Customer (If you are your own customer) or 2 Active Outside Customers (If you are not your own customer).  

Our Daily Guarantee Income is based on placement team points and pays from $5/day up to $1000/day! By meeting the above qualifications, this would qualify you for Level 1 of our Daily Guarantee, which is equal to $5/day or $150/month, minus any Daily Pay Commissions you receive during the same month.

Daily Guarantee 1/3 Rule: Only 1/3 of the points needed to qualify for each level of Daily Guarantee can come from 1 leg of your business.  Example:  Level 2 Daily Guarantee requires 36 points, that means only 12 points would count from each leg of business. Scenario #1: Leg 1 has 22 points (Only 12 would count), Leg 2 has 9 points (All 9 would count), Leg 3 has 14 points (Only 12 would count). In this scenario, you would have a total of 12+9+12=33 Eligible points.  To hit the 36 points needed, you would need 3 more points in Leg 2 or you would need a 4th Leg with at least 3 points to have the 36 Eligible points needed to qualify for Level 2 of Daily Guarantee. Please be aware of this when performing placements and how the placements you make can potentially affect your qualifications under our 1/3 Rule!

Here's how this all works:

If you earned $100 in Daily Pay Commissions during any calendar month (These include: Sponsor Bonuses, Expansion Bonuses, Customer Bonuses, 25% Check Matches or Any other commissions that are paid out Daily.) and you accumulated/earned $150 in Daily Guarantee during the same month.  MWR Financial will TOP-UP your $100 Daily Pay earnings to $150, by paying you the additional $50 you qualified for in Daily Guarantee, on the 10th of the following month.  Example:  $150 in Daily Guarantee - $100 in Daily Pay = Top Up of $50 to YOU! 

Please see the following Comp Plan PDF for full details and point qualifications for All Levels of Daily Guarantee: