How to Cancel Your Membership and/or MWR Financial Business:  To cancel your MWR Financial Business and/or FinancialEDGE Membership, please send an email to or submit a ticket via the support page of your site, informing our staff whether you would like your business, membership or both cancelled. Cancellations CANNOT be requested and will not be accepted by our staff via phone or chat!

WARNING:  Cancellation or Suspension of your FinancialEDGE Membership for 30 Days or more may result in the following:

  1. Cancellation of any Active/Pending disputes sent to the Credit Bureaus, by CreditMAX.
  2. Deletion of all stored documents you’ve uploaded to our system for an Instant Pay Raise, CreditMAX or MoneyMAX. (We can only retain documents for Active Members.)
  3. Cancellation of any active TaxBot account that is included with your membership. Note: Mileage and/or Expense tracking is an IRS compliance requirement to claim any Business Tax Deductions.
  4. Cancellation of any Scheduled Appointments with our MoneyMAX or WealthMAX Experts.
  5. Potential losses in commissions due to not meeting required personal customer point requirements, if you are an Active MWR Financial Director.
  6. Any services provided at a discount to ONLY Active FinancialEDGE Membes will immediately be increased to the standard pricing. (MWRSmartCredit, Tax Debt Relief, Debt Settlement/Validation, Bill Reduction, etc...)

Important Note:  All Cancellation and/or Refund requests are required to be sent via email to, using the email associated with your MWR Financial Account or by creating a Ticket via the support page of your site.  The reason we require this is to confirm that you are the actual party requesting this action, to avoid fraudulent cancellation requests and for our staff to quickly review your account, using your email as the unique identifier in our system.